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  Our goal is to implement the safest in less liable resolution to the situation. We will carefully survey the situation and plan a strategy to implement the re-location and/or recovery of your aircraft within FAA regulations. All aircraft are inspected to determine their airworthiness before being flown. If it is determined that a licensed inspector is needed then that is part of our procedure as well. If a Ferry permit is needed we can have that done for you also. We also try to make sure that the logbooks and maintenance records are recovered as well. We contract pilots that are licensed and insured with flying experience in the particular aircraft to be re-located or recovered. The pilots that we use consist of veterans of the US military, commercial airline pilots, and private pilots. 

   We can also have your aircraft re-located and/or recovered, by having it towed. Essentially, what we do is have the wings and any other essential parts taken off the aircraft and have the aircraft towed and then reassembled once it reaches its destination. This is the least expensive way of transporting an aircraft that is not flight worthy. We can also have a cargo plane fly a disassembled aircraft back to you as well as have it delivered by train, based on the size of the aircraft. If you do not have a storage facility or a hangar available we can locate them for you. Let us know which way we can help, please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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