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When It Comes To Aircraft Repossession

We can have aircraft repossessed by using experienced pilots, and a recovery team to make sure it is done as safe, smooth, and smartly as possible. We carefully survey situations and plan a strategy to implement the recovery of your aircraft and all property we repossess and recover within the means of the law. We make sure that all necessary aircraft are airworthy by using our licensed and insured pilots and by having available licensed aircraft mechanics if necessary before it is flown. We also make sure that all necessary property is recovered as well such as logbooks, maintenance records, and that our job is done with professionalism and accuracy. Most of our contracted pilots have combined flight experience of over 50,000 hours in aircraft from a Cessna to a Boeing 767. The pilots that we use consist of veterans of the US military, commercial airline pilots, and private pilots. Our services also include performing safety and audit inspections, performing maintenance repairs if required, flight planning, but the first thing is to locate the property and that is where we are the best in the business. In addition, in the process of locating your aircraft, we can also locate other assets of the registered owner and the location of the registered owner as well. We also have access to storage facilities for the aircraft once it's been recovered.

We can also have your aircraft repossessed by having it towed, essentially what we do is have the main parts of the aircraft disassembled and towed by a flatbed truck based on the size of the aircraft. This is the most inexpensive, and most common way of repossessing an aircraft when the aircraft is not flyable, or unregistered. We can also have a cargo plane to fly a disassembled aircraft back to you as well. Let us which way we can help, please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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