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Skip Tracing, Property Recovery Assistance Service & Asset Transporting

No Closing Fees, Offer Valid on All 30-Day Passenger Vehicle Accounts

Specializing in Semi Trucks & Aircraft

Tracking Collateralized Property

The first thing in repossessing property is to locate it. We save you money and time with our professional skip tracing and legal services  providing assistance for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. We also handle regular non-skip repossessions as well. We have a database of independent licensed and insured recovery agents, pilots, investigators, paralegals, and attorneys to handle our case files from the smallest towns to the largest cities all over the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and some areas of Mexico. We can also have your property transported at your request anywhere in the country.

We  offer the ability to file court orders to seize property, assist in filing criminal complaints , anywhere in the United States. After the property has been recovered we can also have the property transported anywhere you desire and/or assist in the property being re-marketed or sold. When you choose us, you receive a commitment of professionalism.

We have a 99% resolution rate and a 99% property locating rate. Our one-stop shop turnkey business strives to provide you with unbeatable service at competitive rates. When you give us a call we can discuss all details and pricing.

We Locate & Assist in the Recovery of many different assets from,

•Passenger Vehicles

•Commercial Vehicles
•Construction Equipment
•Motorcycles & ATVs
•Specializing in Semi Trucks and Aircraft

About Us

Established in 1991, U.S. Locating, Recovery, & Legal, Service provides skip tracing, property recovery, and we file court-orders on your behalf for property seizures anywhere in the country. However, with aircraft, we locate and have them recovered in most countries worldwide. Clients have consistently told us we are the best.

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